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Leadhome Properties, a unique value proposition

19 October 2021 | Insights Team

With a large number of traditional estate agencies operating in South Africa, homeowners are often bombarded by the many agencies, all vying for a sole mandate. But in reality, it is up to you, the homeowner or home buyer, to decide who you choose to work with and the reasons why. 

Here, we unpack what sets Leadhome Properties apart from other traditional and online agencies and the benefits and rewards you can reap when choosing to work with us.

We’ve come a long way

Since our inception in 2015, Leadhome Properties has grown up from the new kid on the block to a serious ProTech and ProTouch real estate agency and recognised industry disruptor. Leadhome Properties now has its sights set firmly on creating the world’s best real estate experience. This is no idle promise.

Why we are different

CEO, Marcél du Toit: “When it comes to high-value transactions like the real estate space, you need somebody you can trust inherently and that’s what Leadhome is. We are your trusted partner when buying or selling a property. We believe in the value of estate agents, however, we need to provide real value to the consumer as well. So we are not in the habit of simply charging 7.5% commission, take it or leave it. We really want to provide value to our clients through certainty, whether it be fair fixed fees or whether it is transparency through technology. For example, our sellers can log into our Bloom platform and see exactly how the market is interacting with their property, 24/7. So we are in a space where technology enables our consumers to have a much better experience and our agents to leverage the support we provide to deliver a much better service to them.”


The Best of the Money Show: Shapeshifter – Marcél du Toit, CEO of Leadhome 

Koffie: Voormalige beleggingsbankier draai die aanlyn-eiendomsbedryf op sy kop

Let’s look at the numbers

Leadhome Properties is a modern real estate agency, driven by tech and data which provides a clear indication of our performance and service delivery.

There’s so much more

We pair Leadhome Agents of Change with our powerful technology to sell your current home for more, find you the right home, and save you thousands in fees in the process.

  • R40,000 average savings per transaction 
  • 40% savings on average when buying or selling a home
  • Calculate your savings here
  • We sell a home every 5 hours
  • Our agents conclude four times (yes, 4 x times) the number of sales as compared to traditional agencies
  • Our properties sell 31% faster than the industry average
  • 85% of our properties sell within 10% of the listing price
  • Book a valuation or call +27 (0)10 590 3088

Why we are different 

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