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Property and relationships – a match made in heaven?

5 April 2022 | Insights Team



Relationships, whether short or long-term can become tricky, particularly when it comes to property. What happens when couples decide to move in together, without giving sufficient thought to the legal implications and ramifications, particularly when it comes to home ownership? 

Sello & Nicole

Meet Sello and Nicole, a successful young and upcoming professional couple who are in a relationship. Both work in the corporate arena and have developed a keen interest in property, which they view as a sound investment and a vehicle for building long-term wealth. We chat to them about their property journey and their dreams and aspirations for the future.

Legal perspective

But what are the legal ramifications for unmarried young couples, who purchase a property together with the intent of living together? What constitutes cohabitation? Is common-law marriage legally recognised in South Africa?

Listen to Part 2 of this podcast, Home ownership and cohabitation – a legal perspective where we ask legal eagle, Louis Kruger of Kruger Inc. Attorneys & Conveyancers to answer these, and many more questions relating to living together (cohabitation) and what this means in terms of owning property in the eyes of the law. It’s a fascinating conversation!

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