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Home ownership and cohabitation – a legal perspective

12 April 2022 | Insights Team



Today we are discussing the legal ramifications surrounding home ownership. We are asking what cohabitation is and whether a common-law spouse is legally recognised?

Louis Kruger, Kruger Attorneys & Conveyancers Inc.

We extend a warm welcome to Louis Kruger, Managing Director at Kruger Attorneys & Conveyancers Inc., a specialised conveyancing practice, providing property law services through practical wisdom and trusted advice.

Some sound advice

If you’re living together in a long-term relationship, everything that you buy essentially belongs to you. The same applies to your partner. In terms of immovable property, if a home is purchased and registered in your partner’s name, it belongs to them. Should the relationship terminate, bear in mind that they have the right to evict you.  

On the other hand, if you do elect to live together without being legally married, it is extremely important to ensure that you and your partner have a drafted and signed cohabitation agreement in place. Lastly, having a valid will in place will ensure that you are each adequately provided for in the event one partner dies.

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